AtoZ Recylcer can help you or your company manage the complex nature of environmental standards and compliance regulations concerning resource management. Our experienced team of professionals can offer you a variety of options for dealing with end-of-life products, equipment and other materials. Our services are essential in providing our clients the ability to deliver a complete solution in compliance with environmental, privacy regulations and secure electronic data destruction. We are also available to pick-up your equipment if it is in large quantity.

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AZ Recycling, specializes in the collection, sorting, dismantling and recycling of all Hitech, computers, accessories, videocards, Motherboards, Networking equipments, Ploters, Printers, Copiers, Tablets, Laptops, Phones, watches, all kind of power supplies, ac adapters, charges, Cables, Copper, Silver,  electronics and electronic components. Also servicies included to wipe harddrives and destroy data. It is our goal to provide excellent customer service and uphold the highest ethical and environmental stewardship standards.

Pickup can be arranged by prior appointments.
sevral Drop of locations available in Greater Toronto area depend on type of scrape / recycle item and quantity.  please contact us for further details

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